DNA Tests 2014 – 2021 (Updated 2022)

In February 2021 the Kennel Club ABS sub-group, Dog Health Group and the Board agreed to add prcd-PRA, DCM and PRA5 DNA tests to the list of recommended tests for Giant Schnauzers. This followed established links within the breed between the genetic mutations and developing symptoms for these conditions. The recommendation was applied in June 2021 enabling test results to appear on the KC health test results database facilitating monitoring of their prevalence.

Since the recommendations came into place all results previously certified can be added to the KC health database.

Where both sire and dam are tested as clear, puppies are automatically recorded as hereditary clear.

The following is a summary of results reported up to the end of year 2021.

N.B Not all results are reported to the Kennel Club

Progressive Retinal Atrophy – Progressive rod cone degeneration (prcd-PRA)


Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA5 – NECAP1)


Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)


Hyperuricosuria (HUU)

More recently a number of Giants have been identified as carries for the condition HUU, which can lead to the development of bladder/kidney stones. HUU is currently being researched within the bred, however a number of breeders have now started testing for the mutation. The following are results sent to the breed health co-ordinator up to the end of September 2022.

N.B Not all of those tested have been reported