Giant Schnauzer Health

Giant Schnauzer Breed Health Information

Breed health, news and updates are provided in collaboration with the Breed Health Co-ordinator along with the Kennel Club, British Veterinary Association and the three breed clubs representing Giant Schnauzers; the Giant Schnauzer Club, Northern Schnauzer Club and Schnauzer Club of Great Britain.

Giant Schnauzer Health Fund Supported by the Giant Schnauzer ClubGiant Schnauzer Health Fund Supported by the Northern Schnauzer Club Giant Schnauzer Health Fund Supported by the Schnauzer Club of Great Britain

Keep up to date with the latest Giant Schnauzer health facts and figures. Check the required and recommended health tests for the breed as well as additional screening and DNA tests available. Find out how to get involved. Make a donation to the Health Fund. Become a member of the Health fund, and see how you can help out with research to protect the future of the breed.