Terms and Conditions

Breeder Listing on the GSHF Website & Displaying of a ‘Supporting Health’ Breeder Badge

  1. The Breeder shall be a member of the Giant Schnauzer Health Fund.
  2. The Breeder shall be a fully paid up member of at least one of the breed clubs representing the Giant Schnauzer, i.e. Giant Schnauzer Club, Northern Schnauzer Club, Schnauzer Club of Great Britain, and shall have been a member for a minimum of 2 consecutive years.
  3. The Breeder shall abide by the Breed Club’s Code of Ethics for which they are a member.
  4. It is a requirement that the Breeder shall eye test breeding stock annually under the KC/BVA/ISDS or ECVO Eye Schemes.
  5. The Breeder is recommended to:
      1. litter screen puppies eyes before leaving the breeder between 5-12 weeks of age under the KC/BVA/ISDS or ECVO Eye Schemes
      2. hip score breeding stock
  6. The Breeder agrees to participate in Breed Club and Kennel Club Health Surveys as and when required.
  7. The Breeder agrees to assist in the supply of DNA samples to the Animal Health Trust from both affected and control dogs if required.

Use of GSHF ‘Supporting Health’ Personal Website Breeder Badge

  1. The GSHF gives a non transferable non exclusive license to install source code for the GSHF ‘Supporting Health’ Breeder Badge on the permitted Breeders website only, and is supplied upon membership acceptance if requested.
  2. The Breeder shall not or permit others to edit, modify, translate, make derivative copies, reverse engineer, disassemble, sell, exploit or otherwise transfer or use any portion of the source code in any manner not expressly authorised by the GSHF.
  3. The GSHF has sole exclusive ownership of all rights title and interest including copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the source code. The license granted does not convey any title or interest to the GSHF.
  4. If membership to the GSHF ceases (or on any suspension from membership) or for any other reason, at the GSHF’s discretion, the badge will be removed automatically from the Breeder’s website. In such event, this licence will then terminate and the badge must not be used further and the source code must be removed and uninstalled from the website. Written confirmation of compliance with this provision may be required.

The GSHF is not liable for any loss or damage from the installation of the source code on a website or from failure of the source code to perform and whilst it may be installed in combination with third party software the GSHF will not be liable for any loss resulting from failure of the source code to integrate with such software.