Eye Test Statistics

Hereditary Cataracts (HC)

The graph below shows eye tests undertaken for both affected and unaffected Giant Schnauzers compared with the number of dogs (males and females) used for breeding. Up to the end of 2016 there have been 15 affected Giants with HC, the red dotted trend lines shows that the number of affected dogs has remained constant between 0-3 cases per year since eye testing for HC was added to schedule A of the BVA/KC eye scheme. The graph also shows that, since 2008, the number of eye tests undertaken exceeds the number of dogs that have been bred from, indicating that the uptake for eye testing of breeding dogs is excellent.

Hereditary Cataracts graph


Multifocal Retinal Dysplasia (MRD) Litter Screening

The graph below shows the number of litters screened for MRD showing both affected and unaffected litters compared with the total number of litters registered. The number of litters containing affected puppies was 11 in 2009 and since then it has fluctuated between 7 and 8 affected litters. The graph also shows that in 2013 and 2015 the number of litters tested were equal to the number of litters registered indicating that uptake of litter screening was excellent. However in 2016 the uptake of litter screening had reduced again.

The following graph shows the percentage of litters with pups affected by MRD, which has fluctuated since 2009 between 24-41% of litters. The highest being in 2009 and 2014, however on average the overall trend has reduced with quite a significant decrease during 2016 with 15% of litters affected.


Adult Eyes – Sightings Report

In 2014 the British Veterinary Association (BVA) began issuing a ‘Sightings Report’ for adult dogs, which now makes it possible to monitor other conditions as the Kennel Club currently only officially record the results for Hereditary Cataracts in the Giant Schnauzer, as it is the only test that is ‘required’ at the moment within the breed.

The following graph is the BVA sightings report since 2014 for the Giant Schnauzer. During 2016 there were 2 cases of GPRA like appearance and this is now being researched by the Animal Health Trust.


Puppy’s Eyes – Litter Screen Sightings Report

As with adult eyes the BVA began issuing a sightings report for puppy litter screens, the graph below shows the sightings report for litter screens since 2014.